About Us

King Boy Baby is a cut + sew factory that prides itself in the heritage of our employees. We believe by putting our employees first, we are producing a culture of recognition,  empowerment,  And autonomy. Each cutter, sewer, each manager, and supervisor, all have a story. There is a face and name to each one of us that works at King Boy Baby and we want you to know each one of them here. King Boy Baby is the  go-to white label soft goods manufacturer for some of the best known brands in the juvenile, travel, and gift military industries. Our goal is to provide a high level of service, quality and on-time delivery so that our clients can exceed the demands of a competitive marketplace. We view business relationships as long-term partnerships and as such we work to improve the production process and lower production costs wherever possible. Our attention to the details and logistics of production allows our customers more time to focus on design, marketing, sales and distribution of their products. This produces a “win-win” for both  of us.  We are well aware of what it takes to survive as a manufacturing contractor and we are committed to working with companies who value our expertise, quality and service. Founded in 2011,  King Boy Baby began as a family owned business that worked tirelessly over the years to earn the trust of customers, growing the company into the industrial powerhouse that it is today —  employing a dedicated workforce of over 100 people.


Our factory’s credentials :


-3500 sq feet space with 150 employees. 

-King Boy baby is  BSCI compliant (social economic certification), 

-Certified inISO9001-(Quality Mgmt Systems), ISOI4001- (Environment Mgmt Systems). 

-OEKO-TEX Class I certified for Juvenile soft goods, GTOS certified, and (organic cotton baby products. 

-Our cutting edge machinery are mainly all from Japan (Osima, JUKI, etc).

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